Welcome to Jira Sharepoint Custom Field!

Here’s how to get started:

  1. On Jira Administration, go to Issues and then, on the left panel, select “Custom Fields” (it’s under “Fields”).

  2. Click “Add custom field” and then select “Sharepoint Select (or Multi-Select) Custom Field”, it should be under “Advanced”.

  3. Name your custom field and give it a description if you want. You should add one “dummy” option just so you can proceed, this option will be later removed.

  4. Associate your field with the screens that you need. You should associate the custom field with at least one screen so you will be able to test that it works as expected.

  5. Back to the custom fields, next to the field you just created, select “Configure“.

  6. Select “Edit Sharepoint settings”. You will end up in a 6-step wizard to connect your sharepoint instance. Follow each step.

  7. After you’re done, your new field should appear on the screens that you defined. If the custom field dropdown doesn’t have any values, doesn’t have the values you expected or displays an error message, visit again “Edit Sharepoint settings” and review the query you supplied.